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AlbertHall&Associates is a national leader in executive placement for nonprofit theatres and related industries. Having placed hundreds of arts executives throughout North America, our search results are unrivaled. Each placement is the result of an exhaustive process designed to identify the most qualified candidate to meet your needs. From start to finish, we provide the essential guidance and support needed to ensure success.


Whether its in the commercial or nonprofit arena, the arts and culture sector is a fierce environment that requires grounded advice from experienced people. We are skilled in all aspects of theatrical production, fundraising and investor relations, marketing and licensing strategies and more. We use that experience to help you navigate complicated transactions and relationships and give you a clear competitive edge.


If you find yourself challenged by the complexities of internal production management issues, working out the details of a commercial/nonprofit relationship or crafting a co-production deal with a peer company, we will help you achieve successful outcomes. Our international producing expertise and working knowledge of today's best practices give you the edge you need to ensure outstanding results every time.


Building organizational capacity requires focused planning and execution. Our team is well versed in all aspects of those processes and stands ready to assist as you map future goals and develop the means to achieve them. Whether you need to align your vision, refine near-term operational goals or improve your performance metrics, we offer the expertise you need to reach your goals and continuously elevate your success.


Our principals are certified planning consultants by the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA). Whether its a single day to kick-off your strategic planning or a longer engagement in support of defining future aspirations and strategies, we will work with you to establish clear goals and strategies that are robust, aligned in purpose and achievable. If you are struggling to meet your full potential, we can help guide you to your highest aspirations.


Each of us at AHA has faced the myriad of issues confronting today’s arts and entertainment leaders and we use that experience to create an approach to executive coaching that provides personalized, strategic support for executives making difficult decisions in complex environments. Using tknowledge acquired through years of practice, we will help you get where you need to go.